Sunday, December 30, 2012

White Pinafore

Mama sewed it by hand, since she had no machine,
It was made of spare muslin that mama scrubbed clean,
It had a squared neck, ruffles trimmed with rick-rack.
And two long fat tails tied a bow in the back.
Mama sewed on some pockets to hold everything -
I know I put marbles in, pebbles and string,
She’d wash it and iron and mend it for me,
And I wore it and wore it all summer, and she
Seemed so quietly proud that I loved it, she’d say
"I will make you another just like it … someday.”
It must have got worn out, or else I outgrew it,
And ma never did get a chance to re-do it,
But whenever I picture it, all I can see
Is a perfect white dress mama made, just for me.


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