Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas is...

Christmas is …

Christmas is a feeling
that you get within your heart,
you can go out looking
you can take the world apart -
you won’t find it under mistletoe,
you won’t see it In a candle’s glow,
snow is very pretty,
if you happen to have snow,
but oh, you know,
that’s not Christmas.

Presents gaily wrapped
beneath a tinseled tree,
carols sweetly sung
bells chiming cheerily,
 shoppers busy rushing here and there,
merry greetings that just fill the air,
Christmas trees a-glowing
lit up everywhere,
but oh, you know,
that’s not Christmas.

Christmas is the smiling face
that greets you in the rain,
Christmas is the loving deed
without a thought of gain,
Christmas is the sharing
that we do with one another,
Christmas is the caring
for each man, just like a brother,
Christmas is the love we give
the whole year through,
And I wish you
Merry Christmas!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you my new little adopted daughter. Now be sure and be good for Christmas, becuz if you are BAD, I'll have to come and sing this song to you ... and trust me ... you wouldn't want that! YAM (Your Adopted Mommy ;)