Thursday, November 7, 2013

MALL MICE (They're baaaaack!) :)

Once upon a mall, there lived a family of mice,
Some of them were naughty, but most all of them were nice,
Some of them were gray, and some were brown, and some were white,
But all of them were wise enough to just stay out of sight.

The shoppers, busy shopping, never noticed them at all,
For nobody suspected there were Mall Mice in the mall,
Until a baby mouse got stuck inside the Mall Toy Store,
While playing hide-and-seek with his mice cousins, night before.

It ran around in panic. It could not open the door!
And it got awful frightened there, alone in that toy store.
"Someone come and help me!" the wee mouse squee-squeaked and cried,
It couldn't budge the door, although it tried and tried and tried.

The poor mouse grew so tired that it cried itself to sleep
Between some woolly teddy bears, and cozy cuddly sheep.
Soon the wool grew itchy, and the mouse began to wriggle -
A young clerk saw the woolly toys begin to wiggle, wiggle

Timidly, upon a chair, climbed up the young salesclerk,
To see what made the stuffed toys move, then jumped back with a jerk!
"A MOUSE!" she screamed! "A MOUSE! A MOUSE!"

They heard her everywhere,
And all the morning shoppers started running, here and there -

They ran from shops, they ran to stairs, ran down up escalators,
Some slid on the banisters, some took the elevators!
They screamed in horror as they ran, scaring latecomers out -
"MICE!" they screamed, "MALL MICE!" they screamed,

as they raced all about!

Some ran to cars, some ran to trains, some took Bus Number 2,
(Even though that bus was only going to the zoo).
All around the city the mall people ran in fright,
They ran and ran and ran until they all ran out of sight.

And pretty soon the mall looked emptied out of every human,
No salesclerks, and no shoppers, not a single man or woman
Seemed left inside the mall, and no one now would go in there,
The mall became deserted. From beneath a woolly bear

The little mouse crept out to spy, and seeing all was clear,
It called out to its family: "Come out! See! No one's here!"
The mice tip-toed out carefully, then saw that it was true,
The mall was quite deserted; not a human was in view.

The Mall Mice were delighted, there was no one there at all
To keep them now from doing what they loved to, in the mall -
They tried on hats, they tried on clothes, they rode toy trains and cars,
And when they all got hungry, they raced down to the food bars.

They had a mouse-y party, slurping burgers, fries and shakes,
And sipping bubbly sodas, munching crullers, candies, cakes,
They even ate some crazy things that odd mice seem to love
But never get a chance to eat. (One even ate a glove).

When suddenly, they heard a cry from somewhere in the mall,
A cry as if a baby was inside somewhere … and all
The mice began to chitter and to look here, there, and there,
To see just where the cry was coming from, just where where where?

When right outside the Candy Shoppe, they spied a baby child,
Crying crying crying, then it stopped crying and smiled
When it saw the tiny mice, peeking so curiously,
And chittering and chattering and squeaking "Squee! Squee! Squee!"

"Someone's left a BABY here!" the mousy moms exclaimed!
"Oh, we've got to help it … it must need its diaper changed!"
Down to the mall drugstore they sent all of the micey men,
And back they came with diapers, talcum, food and milk, and then

The mousey moms all helped to clean and change the baby’s diaper,
And then they took the baby food and fed her. One said, "Wipe her
Mouth with some soft tissues." 'Twas a Granny mouse, and she
Began to sing mouse lullabies, so soft and Granmousely.

Pretty soon, all changed and fed and powdered every place,
The little baby fell asleep, a smile upon its face.
The mother mice stood guard, the daddy mice remained there, too,
Just in case the mommies needed more errands to do.

When to their eyes, and their surprise, they saw a mall guard come,
With a frantic lady. "She must be the baby's mum!"

It seemed this mom had fainted in a dressing room, somewhere
When she heard that cry of “MICE!”, and no one saw her there.
That’s when her baby crawled away, back to the Candy Shoppe
Where it had seen a green and red and orange lollipop!
The mommy mice squeaked, flittering. They ran inside a cup-
board, as the baby's mommy came and scooped her baby up.
She quickly checked and found someone had fed and cleaned her child,
And saw that it was cared for, and then suddenly she smiled -

She spied the diapers and the food, the mice prints in the powder,
And adding up the mousy clues, the mommy’s voice grew louder.
"The Mall Mice saved my baby!", cried the mother, with a tear,
"Oh, everyone! Do come and see! The Mall Mice have been here!"

And soon the people flooded back to the deserted mall,
And started leaving cookies for the Mall Mice, as they all
Marveled at the story of the brave, brave little mice,
Who cared for the small baby, (which proved mice are awful nice).

They all now get on famously, and when shoppers recall
The story of the Mall Mice, they are proud that in
their mall
The mice are so courageous and so kindly as to dare
To look after a baby with such tender, mousy care.

(But, deep within, the mommy mice still wish with all their might
Someone would leave another infant in the mall, some night,
So they could change its diaper, feed it food, and then would see
Another baby smile at them,
As happy as could be!)

The End!!!