Monday, December 31, 2012

For all of us who have had a glass too many this New Year's Eve...


I know this must be just a dream –
The cat’s been eaten by the cream,
A chicken’s made a wishbone wish
And turned a frog into a fish,
The sky has swallowed up the moon –
I only hope I wake real soon,
So pinch me, please!
Goodness sake!
(Uh ohhhh …
Oh, NO!
I AM awake!)

Dear Computers Everywhere~

The Power of the Tron

Said the Big Computer to the Human Computee
“Without me, sir, you must concur, wherever would you be?
I tally all your numbers and I even give advice,
Unlike you, I’m objective and predictably precise.
‘Way down my epicenter, I’ve a calculating brain
That can compile, compute, compound, expound, explore, explain.
Oh, don’t you wish you had my wits, if only an iota,
For I’ve more news than I can use. I’m programmed to my quota.”
And on and on it carried on, continuing to scoff
Until the Human Computee reached down and turned it OFF.

And now The Big Computer sits there idle all the day,
Without a boasting, bragging, calculating thing to say,
While on the chair, beside it there, the Human Factor lingers,
Computing trig and calculus by counting on its fingers,
And when its used its fingers up, it can simply transpose
And still deduce, deduct, add up, by counting on its toes!

Take heed, you Mighty IBMs, and other pedigrees,
Before you get too taken with your capabilities –
You may have stores of knowledge;
you may be an Alpha Tron,
But it’s the Human Digit
ultimately turns you ON.

Silly Prose for Nose and Toes

This New Years poem makes more sense
after a few glasses of champagne ;)

Silly Prose for Nose and Toes

Here’s my nose!
Here’s my toes!
Each grows where
they ought to grows -
one at top,
ten at the bottom -
glad I got ‘em
where I got ‘em!

 But suppose
I had ten toes
where I should grow
only nose,
would I have to
blow my toes?
Could I tiptoe
on my nose?
Or wear sneakers
with each lace
tied up all
around my face?

And if I
should try ballet
could my nose
do a pliÄ—?

What if I
should run a race,
could my nose
keep up the pace?
And if I won,
d’you suppose
they’d say I
won by a nose?

Sunday, December 30, 2012

White Pinafore

Mama sewed it by hand, since she had no machine,
It was made of spare muslin that mama scrubbed clean,
It had a squared neck, ruffles trimmed with rick-rack.
And two long fat tails tied a bow in the back.
Mama sewed on some pockets to hold everything -
I know I put marbles in, pebbles and string,
She’d wash it and iron and mend it for me,
And I wore it and wore it all summer, and she
Seemed so quietly proud that I loved it, she’d say
"I will make you another just like it … someday.”
It must have got worn out, or else I outgrew it,
And ma never did get a chance to re-do it,
But whenever I picture it, all I can see
Is a perfect white dress mama made, just for me.


Time for Nonsense



One day I tiptoed through my garden
When I spotted two flowers on the walk,
And I saw a Mum bend to a Daisy
And I listened, and heard the Mum talk:

"It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you,
I do hope that all is quite well,
So much has been happening around here,
And oh, I have such news to tell -

Did you hear about Patty Petunia -
How she’s gotten herself in a fix?
Seems she’s fallen in love with a Four-O’clock
Who’s so lazy, he gets up at six!

And what about young Larry Larkspur,
With that wife of his naggin’ and naggin’,
Well, we warned him that’s what would happen
If he married that snippy Snap Dragon!

Terry Tulip told May Morninglory
Not to get tangled up with Fred Fence,
Seems he’s always taking advantage
Of flowers without any scents.

Hal Hibiscus is going to get married
To Dee Dandelion, I hear it said,
But his parents are very unhappy,
They just don’t think that Dee is well bred.

And, oh that young Gerry Geranium!
When I saw him his face was quite red,
Do you know what he went and did last night?
He got potted ... again … in the shed!

Irene Iris got mad at the Queen Bee
‘Cause she buzzed about what Irene did,
Seems the Queen Bee caught Irene pretending
That she was a blooming Orchid!

And oh, such sad news about Fanny,
Our lovely young Forget-Me-Not,
Got engaged one night to Pete Poppy,
And the very next day, he forgot!

Well, that’s all my news, dearest Daisy,
Do keep in touch now, you hear?
And trust that I’ll tell every buddy
Everything that you tell Me, my dear!"

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Alabaster Ball

The Alabaster Ball
Earth sent invitations
To a danse one night
Requesting all invited
Please, to come in white.

The glass-coached clouds assembled
And the ebon Sky
Banked its brightest fire,
Snuffed each candled eye -

Then The Winds belled music,
Set a whirling pace
And down the heavens
Waltzed the Snows,
In their finest lace.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Toys have feelings too, you know.


We're waiting for Alice
Who fell down a hole,
We're waiting for Toad
Who has gone to find Mole,
We're waiting for Jack
Who has climbed up a stalk,
And when they get back
We will go for a walk.

But what if the Queen
Won't let Alice go?
And what if the stalk
Is cut by a hoe?
And what if poor Toad
And Moley are late? -

Must we forever
And ever just wait?


For those lucky (?) enough to have SNOW

'Sno Fun!

Is there anything nicier,
sugar 'n spicier,
anything more sweet or grandish,
than to see falling snow
setting all hearts aglow,
making everything so Fairylandish?

Each flake makes me quiver
with wonder,
I shiver
as softly I sing "Jingle Bells" -
ah, the beauty, the thrill,
as it climbs up my sill
with its luscious white whipped-creamy swells.

I give up counting flakes,
each succeeding one makes
a more mountainous mound out my door.
Why does it keep falling?
It's getting appalling!
I'll never get out any more!

Now the power's gone <bleat>,
no TV and no heat,
and my batteries are down to two!
Won't someone please stop it?!
I can't see atop it -
the snowplows can't even get through!

They'll find me next Spring
frozen to everything,
what the heck am I going to do?!

I have had it!
Who invented this stuff?

(You know,
I just hate snow,
don't you?)

Friday, December 21, 2012

What Child is This...

Young shepherds awe and delight
at first seeing The Child.

At the Manger

At the Manger
I will not a whisper make,
Softly, soft will I tread,
Lest the Little One I wake
In His manger bed.
Hear the Lady's lullaby
As she bends to kiss her Dear,
Wise Men, shepherds, lambs and I
Gently gather near.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Far From Home

Who turns away
So small a Guest
And will not grant
The Weary rest -
In all the world,
No room for Thee?
Then come and make
Your home with me.

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Spirit of Christmas

May the Spirit of Christmas
Abide in your heart
In this holiday season,
And never depart -
May it live with you ever
And ever, and may
You have a most glorious,
Glad Christmas Day!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bring the Candle, Bring the Lyre

Bring the candle, bring the lyre,
Summer flower, winter fire,
Shepherd, Wise Men, Seraphim,
Come, all come to honor Him.
 See how goodly is the night
Fired by chalcedonic light.
Let the birds and beasts assemble,
Feel, the Earth is all atremble.
Bring the Mechlin for His gown
And the jasper for His crown,
Bring delight,
Bring tame and wild,
Come, oh come, and see the Child.

Backstage at the Nativity Play


Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas is...

Christmas is …

Christmas is a feeling
that you get within your heart,
you can go out looking
you can take the world apart -
you won’t find it under mistletoe,
you won’t see it In a candle’s glow,
snow is very pretty,
if you happen to have snow,
but oh, you know,
that’s not Christmas.

Presents gaily wrapped
beneath a tinseled tree,
carols sweetly sung
bells chiming cheerily,
 shoppers busy rushing here and there,
merry greetings that just fill the air,
Christmas trees a-glowing
lit up everywhere,
but oh, you know,
that’s not Christmas.

Christmas is the smiling face
that greets you in the rain,
Christmas is the loving deed
without a thought of gain,
Christmas is the sharing
that we do with one another,
Christmas is the caring
for each man, just like a brother,
Christmas is the love we give
the whole year through,
And I wish you
Merry Christmas!

Toward Bethlehem



Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nativity Scene

Merry Christmas!

Gathering Flowers

And now for something completely different:



30" x 36"
by me, Mary :)

There's a Tiger in My Teacup!

There's a Tiger in My Teacup!

There's a tiger in my teacup,
There's a lion in my mug,
There's a camel in my milk glass
And they're going "Glug! Glug! Glug!"

And they're splishing and they're splashing,
And they're making such a roar,
And they never hear me shushing,
As they're splushing on the floor!

Then my mom says that I'M messy,
As she's mopping up the splat,
And I'd tell her that it's THEM, but
She would never believe that!

The Twelve Nays of Christmas

The Twelve Nays of Christmas
  by me,
  Mary :)
I got some presents from my Love
That I'd like to return,
Some have given me headaches,
And some gave me heartburn:

The Partridge won't fit in the fridge,
I've tried, but it's too plucky,
The Turtle Doves just bill and coo
'Til I'm almost upchucky,

The three French Hens, zay parley vooz,
But I can't compre-hen them,
The Colly Birds are so coo coo,
I think someone should pen them,

The Five Gold Rings have all turned green,
The Six Geese keep on laying,
The Seven Swans have turned ugly,
The Eight Maids all keep straying —

(And they partied the whole night),
The Nine Drummers keep banging,
The Pipers give me such pipe dreams,
'Cause all their pipes keep clanging,

The 'Leven Ladies, like the Maids
Are very hard to keep
Track of. And the Dozen Lords
Keep leaping in my sleep,

So, I'm returning all of them,
Don't tell my True Love, he's
Quite sensitive (and pssst ... besides,
He thinks I'm ... hard to ... please.)

About the author: In spite of what (millions of) others say,
 I still insist I'm a poet.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Act of Memory

 This is a true Christmas story~
written, illustrated and narrated by Mary,
and put together in video form by Nat.