Sunday, December 30, 2012

Time for Nonsense



One day I tiptoed through my garden
When I spotted two flowers on the walk,
And I saw a Mum bend to a Daisy
And I listened, and heard the Mum talk:

"It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you,
I do hope that all is quite well,
So much has been happening around here,
And oh, I have such news to tell -

Did you hear about Patty Petunia -
How she’s gotten herself in a fix?
Seems she’s fallen in love with a Four-O’clock
Who’s so lazy, he gets up at six!

And what about young Larry Larkspur,
With that wife of his naggin’ and naggin’,
Well, we warned him that’s what would happen
If he married that snippy Snap Dragon!

Terry Tulip told May Morninglory
Not to get tangled up with Fred Fence,
Seems he’s always taking advantage
Of flowers without any scents.

Hal Hibiscus is going to get married
To Dee Dandelion, I hear it said,
But his parents are very unhappy,
They just don’t think that Dee is well bred.

And, oh that young Gerry Geranium!
When I saw him his face was quite red,
Do you know what he went and did last night?
He got potted ... again … in the shed!

Irene Iris got mad at the Queen Bee
‘Cause she buzzed about what Irene did,
Seems the Queen Bee caught Irene pretending
That she was a blooming Orchid!

And oh, such sad news about Fanny,
Our lovely young Forget-Me-Not,
Got engaged one night to Pete Poppy,
And the very next day, he forgot!

Well, that’s all my news, dearest Daisy,
Do keep in touch now, you hear?
And trust that I’ll tell every buddy
Everything that you tell Me, my dear!"


  1. LOL FANTASTIC!! MY MUM MADE ME LAUGH!! tell the truth mom did u have a glass of wine or 2 before u wrote this one????? just happy to know ur alive & well love u!!!!!

  2. i want to share this poem on FB but can't w/o my reply going w/it

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thass okay, Sweetie. I don't mind if everybuddy thinks I need wine to write sappy stuff. ;)