Monday, December 31, 2012

Dear Computers Everywhere~

The Power of the Tron

Said the Big Computer to the Human Computee
“Without me, sir, you must concur, wherever would you be?
I tally all your numbers and I even give advice,
Unlike you, I’m objective and predictably precise.
‘Way down my epicenter, I’ve a calculating brain
That can compile, compute, compound, expound, explore, explain.
Oh, don’t you wish you had my wits, if only an iota,
For I’ve more news than I can use. I’m programmed to my quota.”
And on and on it carried on, continuing to scoff
Until the Human Computee reached down and turned it OFF.

And now The Big Computer sits there idle all the day,
Without a boasting, bragging, calculating thing to say,
While on the chair, beside it there, the Human Factor lingers,
Computing trig and calculus by counting on its fingers,
And when its used its fingers up, it can simply transpose
And still deduce, deduct, add up, by counting on its toes!

Take heed, you Mighty IBMs, and other pedigrees,
Before you get too taken with your capabilities –
You may have stores of knowledge;
you may be an Alpha Tron,
But it’s the Human Digit
ultimately turns you ON.

1 comment:

  1. BRAVO-------- the MASTER HAS DONE IT AGAIN, u r either GENIUS oR CRAZY as a loon--------------but either waY , I love u ,from here----to the moon