Monday, December 10, 2012

Act of Memory

 This is a true Christmas story~
written, illustrated and narrated by Mary,
and put together in video form by Nat.


  1. Thank you, Nat, for this beautiful looking Blog you've created. Hope it will be filled with LOTS of fun *stuff* in the ensuing days ahead.

    And BTW, Nat - Lucky ME! I'M the one that's *blessed* - having met YOU and your wonderful little family, and for your allowing me to adopt you all (even if only online). What a joy. Truly. To know you is to love you.

    Here's to the beginning of a great New Year of continued creativity and fun together!

    Mary xoxo

  2. Mary, I shared this with my own daughter, and she loved the simple haunting beauty of your tale - Nat's wizardry has brought it to life, a life it so justly deserved.

    1. Thank you my sweet Sue, and my thanks to Maddie as well. Nat is indeed a *wizard* at making these videos, (tho she would deny that). But she truly is.

      I hope you got to see Jack Ryder's short silent version of AOM on Sky 1. Too bad it's only showing in the UK ... so far.