Monday, December 31, 2012

Silly Prose for Nose and Toes

This New Years poem makes more sense
after a few glasses of champagne ;)

Silly Prose for Nose and Toes

Here’s my nose!
Here’s my toes!
Each grows where
they ought to grows -
one at top,
ten at the bottom -
glad I got ‘em
where I got ‘em!

 But suppose
I had ten toes
where I should grow
only nose,
would I have to
blow my toes?
Could I tiptoe
on my nose?
Or wear sneakers
with each lace
tied up all
around my face?

And if I
should try ballet
could my nose
do a pliė?

What if I
should run a race,
could my nose
keep up the pace?
And if I won,
d’you suppose
they’d say I
won by a nose?

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