Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Here are TWO little rhymes that were published in the Wall Street Journal's column Pepper ... and Salt.

The first (That's Telling 'Em! January 20, 1987) displays my particular brand of ... outspokenness(?) ... AND, Steve Allen read this on his WNYC radio program.

The second (Market Malaise November, 1985) was not only published in America, but OMG!!! Imagine our surprise when my late husband and I were in London and he happened to pick up the WSJ - Europe edition, and there to our wondering eyes was my Market Malaise! ;)

That's Telling 'Em!

To the Editor:
I'm writing this letter,
Quite frankly, to say
I abhorred the column
You wrote yesterday!
It was weak and insipid
And words synonymous,
In short, it lacked courage!
                Yours truly,

Market Malaise

I sell my stocks,
When I should buy,
I just don't have the knack!
Too bad they don't
Give refunds, I
Would take my money back -
(Then after careful
Survey of
The Market for a spell,
I'd probably
Reverse the trend,
And buy when I should sell.)



  1. my FAMOUS FUNNY MOM!! Seems like Steve Allen liked you!!

  2. Hilarious!
    These got famous too, yay!!