Thursday, January 3, 2013


Eeny, meeny,
Miney, mo...
Should I write
In rhyme, or no?
Should I pen
Poems dark and deep,
Using words like
(bleep) <bleep> (bleep)?
Should I write
Like old time bards
That one finds
On greeting cards?
Or should I
Be sonnet-sweet
And sweep lovers
Off their feet?
Should I em-
ulate Ginsberg
And "howl" words
One should expurg-
Ate from the
Should I feel
It necessary
To be Bly
Or Ferlinghetti...
And write odes
On, say...spaghetti?
should i use
no caps in summings
up of words
like e.e.cummings?
It's so hard
To choose which way
I should write
My poem today,
But on looking
Back, my friend,
I am done!
(Thank God!)



  1. MOM you've inspired me,
    not only did I "USED TO" draw

    I also wrote poetry,
    not as well as u I'm sure
    and it may be a different kind

    but I write on what I feel & see
    and your're the first subject on my mind

    crazy ,witty woman I met 2 months ago
    WESTPORTS answer to BETTY WHITE, this I surely KNOW

    more to follow ,it's gonna be good!!