Tuesday, February 5, 2013


*Vegetarian Lovesong
(Sung to the tune of Stephen Foster’s
“Oh, Susannah”)

 Oh, I know this may sound CORNY,
But I’m off my BEAN for you,
Oh my darlin’, won’t you PEAS say
That I YAM your PUMPKIN too –

 For you are my own ZUCCHINI,
LETTUCE never ever part,
I will PEPPER you with kisses,
I will SQUASH you to my heart.

 SHALLOT happen that you love me,
That would BEET JUICE everything,
And tomorrow I will TURNIP
For my twenty CARROT ring!

 //Oh, my CABBAGE
Don’t make a MULCH of me,
Or I’ll windup on the COMPOST heap
For all the world to SEED.//

*This was one of the winners on Garrison Keillor’s
Valentine Songwriting Contest.
It was sung on the air by Maureen McGovern, and it
was how we met. We then collaborated on over 40 songs,
many of which were turned into a musical we put together called
“The Bengal Tiger’s Ball”.

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