Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I dreamed up a Grandma
All plumpy and sweet,
Who loved to bake brownies
That I loved to eat -
She'd let me taste anything
That she was cooking
And slipped me some nickels
When no one was looking.
She'd always stick up for me
In times of trouble,
And though I just loved her
She'd love me back double -
She'd always be there for me
Asking "What's new?"
And there wasn't anything
She wouldn't do
To comfort or cheer me up
On a hard day -
To her I was perfect
In every which way.
I dreamed up this Grandma
And suddenly knew
It wasn't a dream,
Grandma dear,
It was you.
This poem is from my book
"MOONSNACKS And Assorted Nuts",
and the illustration is by the late Jean Pidgeon.

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