Sunday, January 19, 2014

Am I ever lucky, or what? Picture of Richard Armitage/John Thornton and me at the 92nd Street Y in NYC, after his READING last Thursday - (1.16.2014). (Still not able to post images directly from my files. )


  1. Hurrah!! Read your account and was so happy for you, Mary! That took real gumption!
    And it sure paid off. What a gorgeous photo -- a meeting of the best with the best!

  2. WHAT THE CRAP!?!? Oh my heavens, Mary... you met RICHARD FREAKING ARMITAGE!? *Nat faints* You need to email me stat and tell me all the juicy details. I'm so excited that one of my friends met him! I'll just live through you, if ya don't mind. :) Love ya, Mar!!!

    1. Hi, {{{Siverthread}}} AND {{{Nat}}}! I'm so happy to get a comment from each of you ... (if you've noticed, nobuddy really posts any comments here, and I wonder if it's because they think my little blog is more of a BLAHg. ;)) But I love this place that you, Nat, created for me. When I could no longer get access to it because my computer went totally bonkers (and I had to call the Geek Squad to come put it aright), I was realllly sad.

      But - "all's well that ends well"... right?

      And you know wot? Our Richard realllly is quite a fellow. I love him EVEN MORE than I did before I met him. He was so gentle when he spoke to me, and so thoughtful. You could tell this was an honestly kind and decent person. I think of him as my son (well, okay, maybe my GRANDson), and like all of us besotten Army Armitagers, I so want him to have a happy personal LIFE, as well as a brilliant career.

      Before the READING, I left a package for him at the ticket counter, and asked if someone would please see that he got it. A nice young lad readily piped up and took the package and told me HE would deliver it to Richard personally. (Honestly ... don't people like that just warm your heaert?)

      And when I met Richard, he assured me that he had gotten my package. One of the inclusions was a long, detailed letter I had written to Rebecca Eaton (head of PBS-Masterpiece theater here in the US), practically begging her to have BBCs N&S shown here in America. I hope that gave our RA a lift.

      Okay ... I better stop now before I run out of space. Honestly, why am I always going on and on (and on) so?

      Thank you again, Cherie and Nat, for taking the time to comment.
      I love you both, :)
      Mary xoxo

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Grace! (Hey! YOUR name is GRACE, too?! Hi! Hi! ;) )

    2. you met me there remember? :D You gave me the picture