Monday, August 5, 2013

Did you know *things* as a child that you've forgotten since? Yeah ... me too. :)

I Used To Know ...

I used to know the Wind's real name
And where she came from, when she came -
She'd trim the wings of sailing boats
In billowed swirls of petticoats,
Or toss her hair and leaves would fly
Like flames across a cobalt sky.

Sometimes at night she'd stamp and weep
And wake me from my nested sleep,
Or part the dragon-clouds and spill
Bright stars across my window sill,
Then dance through trees, from bower to bough,
And where she went,
I used to know ...



  1. though it may not be important to you
    I really love your work
    I can't help but give my opinion, its true
    and a compliment as a perk

    1. RICH! How lovely to see you here -
      Oh what a great surprise!
      I hope others will feel like YOU,
      And see me through YOUR eyes!