Saturday, July 6, 2013

Tommy ... Forever Loving

My Tommy ... Forever Loving

The above is my grandson Tommy's
school essay
written at the age of 9
on a sheet of looseleaf paper.
I treasure this more than gold
and carry a copy of it with me
wherever I go.
The original is on my refrigerator.
In case it's too hard to read
Tommy's handwriting up above,
I've typed a copy below,
just as Tommy wrote it:
Nonny (Grandma)
My Nonny is very old
but still plays with me. Last summer
she even had catch with me! Some-
times when she comes over she plays
video games with me. I think it is
amazing that she can still play with
me at her age!
When it's my birthday
Nonny gives me great presents. This
year for my birthday my mom and her
got me a $125 gift card
to toys-r-us! For Christmas she
got me two $50 video games. One
year for no reason at all she got
me and my brother a $250 chess
set! Presents are not the only
reason my nonny is my favorite
My nonny is fun. She
goes everywhere with my family.
Sometimes she goes to new york with
us even florida sometimes. She has
great plans (I guess that's where my mom
got it from). At disny me my mom, dad
and nonny all went on most
of the rides. They all took turns
going on the roller coasters with
me even my nonny!
Well you might think your
grandma is better, but I could
never ask for a better grandma
then my nonny.

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