Saturday, March 23, 2013

 The Waterbed Sea


Melinda went to sleep in her waterbed,

(Not on it, but in it, is what I said,)

Took not a mask, not a snorkel nor fin,

Just a deep breath and she jumped right in.


//Swim, sweet Melinda,

Swim peacefully,

Down to the bottom

Of the Waterbed Sea. //


Down swam Melinda in the Waterbed Sea,

Past tiny Guppies and the Abalone,

Past pirate ships sunken long ago,

With pirate crews singing “Yo ho ho!”


Down where the Mollies and the Mullets play,

Down where the Minnows dart, and grasses sway,

Where Starfish twinkle in the Waterbed Sky,

With Mermaids singing her a lullaby.


And little Seahorses pulling little sea carts,

Filled with pretty flowers from the flower marts,

Showered her with petals, filling all the Sea

With Irises and Roses and Anemone.


Down past the bottom of the Wishing Wells,

Where all wishes go that one never tells,

There swam Melinda so contentedly,

Down to the bottom of the Waterbed Sea!


The Sea Lions roared, the Salmon spawned,

The Skate skated by, and the Oysters yawned,

The Porgies and Bass sang songs of The Deep,

And soon sweet Melinda would be fast asleep.


Down, down she floated to her Oyster bed,

With soft pink Sponges pillowing her head,

A seaweed blanket kept her nice and warm,

And all the Angel Fishes guarded her from harm.


//Sleep, sweet Melinda,

Sleep peacefully,

There at the bottom

Of the Waterbed Sea. //


This is actually a song, but you should count your lucky stars you can’t hear me singing it. ;)


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